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 - (Thursday, November 15, 2018 - 16:30)

Debate on


(part of the lecture cycle "Traveling with Prof. Louis Baeck in the global village",
organized in cooperation with Prof. Dirk Heremans.)

Thursday November 15, 2018 at 4.30 pm

(related to the publication by L.Baeck: "De financiële systeemcrisis in geopolitiek  perspectief", 2009).

moderator: Dirk Heremans
keynote speaker:Peter Praet : “Monetary Policy and Financial Stability” 
panel members:  Paul De Grauwe and Cynthia Van Hulle

Link to register.

Debate followed by a walking cocktail.

In view of the international character of the topic and possible participants the debate is organized in English.

Sketch of the topic:

Global Finance

What future for banks and sustainable global finance?

The debate will focus on financial crises, bank reform and the future of global finance;

  1. Is sustainable financial stability within reach or are we sleepwalking to the next financial crisis?
  2. Can actual inflation (and business cycle) oriented monetary policy by the ECB be better geared to financial stability?
  3. And can worldwide monetary arrangements (on exchange rate stability) avoid currency wars and destabilizing capital flows?
  4. Do we return to the crisis-prone “exuberant financialisation “ of the economy  or stop the dominance of this Anglo-Saxon financial capitalism (Wall street, City London)?
  5. Are Fin-Tech innovations in the digital age to become game changers presenting new opportunities or new instability for bank business models.?
 - (Thursday, December 6, 2018 - 14:00)
This year the topic disussed in the Ethical Forum is the increasing use of English in higher education, with the provocative title
Towards Anglophone universities?
The Ethical Forum 2018 is organized on December 6, 2018, form 2 to 6 pm at the University Foundation. For a description of the topic, the programme, and the registration for participation, you are referred to the website of EF 2018.